Individual braids with color

Get your daily dose of inspiration in fashion trends, find helpful makeup tutorials and style tips on Fashionisers. Box braids have been around forever. Women hairstyles and nail designs, 90s were notorious for the multiple stranded box braids individual braids with color were all about the ethnic and the sexy style. Long hair pulled into multiple strands of braids seemed hip and cool, rocked by top girl band singers and the ladies of pop.

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Vintage hairstyles for long hair for prom

Vintage updos are a go, to for formal occasions or the days when you just vintage hairstyles for long hair for prom to spice up your casual hairstyles. Looking to the past for new ideas won’t leave you empty, all inspired by charming hairstyles of previous decades and beauties from the past. Inspired hairstyles for their extra charge of feminity.

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