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A pen namealias. To taperecord on audiotape or videotape. To fawntruckle. A milk-capLactarius lignyotus. Nicaraguan pocket gopherOrthogeomys matagalpae. To number to label with numbers; to assign numbers to.

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To fish using a hook and line etc.

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A pine marten Martes martes. The possessive suffix for 2nd person plural, used when addressing many persons or one person in a polite or formal manner. Literally witch drumactually a drum used by Sami and other northern Eurasian shamans. A nonpareil small pellet of colored sugar used as decoration on baked goods and candy. An arrangement where women propose a dance, generally held once a week in many local dance restaurant, not to confuse with romantic interest. A nectarespecially a rich and smooth fruit drink; compare linnunmaito.

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