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She deliberately told him the wrong directions and if that sound by the door was what he thought it was, she had just locked them in together. Katara kept her eyes politely averted. Hook, line, and sinker With a quiet coo, she sunk further into the water, not noticing the approach of little feet. You can probably figure out the rest.

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Katara's nimble hands found the edge of the towel and started to undo it.

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Resting his head against a wall he tried to figure out which way he had came. She hadn't thought that maybe Katara was I just want to see. The water stopped just below her chin, and it touched Toph's. Of course, what Ozai didn't know wouldn't hurt him. She knew that siblings, parents and children, friends were affectionate with each other at times. That's a very private area…" Katara whispered as the hand inched lower.

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