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Only start flirting with her once you've established some sort of friendship. If she says "yes," remember to ask for her phone number and give out your own. Spend time with her. Girls like attention, but they dislike guys who are needy and desperate. Do not leave notes in her locker.

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If you try to be someone else, she probably won't like it.

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Don't tell your friends, parents, or her friends for they will either embarrass you or tell her too early. Here are some other signs she might like you: If you plan on impressing her, you're going to need to have multiple conversations with her. Customize what you say to her based on how she sees herself. Instead of fatty burgers and sweets, start incorporating a healthy amount of vegetables, fruits, and protein into your diet. Practicing your lines will help you feel more confident when it comes time to actually ask her.

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